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1. Start believing that GATE is your end goal

Ensure that you have all the information about the examination, exam pattern, eligibility and syllabus. Getting into the examination mood is crucial because it helps you work hard and study extensively.

2. Get the right resources and books and study materials.

The right books are important for this examination.  Make sure that you have opted for the correct study material. Join a coaching institute and ask the faculty about the relevance of the books to the current syllabus and what other resources you can use.

3. Plan your study

The GATE syllabus covers all the engineering concepts that you would have covered in three or four years of graduation. Analyse the focus area of the subject as per your specialization.

4. Make notes for later revision.

Always make short notes at the end of each chapter, which will allow you to revise the information quickly and often. Underline the important details, highlight the key points and maintain a separate notebook or flash cards for key information and formula.



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