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Program Focus and  Objectives

The goal of the program will be to get a Top Rank in GATE. The program will also help you score high marks in B.Tech & also prepare you for other Competitive Examinations.

In addition, this program will also lay a strong foundation for knowledge by enhancing a student’s potential. Students joining this program will have more time to clear their fundamentals and practice extensively for GATE, their ultimate goal!

Why Three  Year  Classroom Program

We are living in a competitive world and GATE one of the most competitive exams, where few fields of engineering have over a hundred thousand students taking up this exam. There are multiple factors for it.

  • Many students are not satisfied with their level of knowledge at Engineering level.
  • PSUs offering jobs based on performance in GATE exam.

Overall, a million student appear for GATE exam each year. I feel the important thing is to focus on your own preparation as early as possible and compete with the highest marks. This will help you stay calm during preparation and perform better in GATE exam.

They should try to succeed in GATE in the first attempt itself and not take unnecessary pressure as an uncertainty of ill-health or any accidents while appearing for the GATE could be too risky.

The best way is to start your GATE preparation from the beginning of the third semester onwards, but if you have not been able to do so, it is prudent you start your preparation at the earliest. Three Year Classroom Program for GATE.

What is an Integrated School Program

  • A study program with a synergistic approach to both the GATE and Engineering Entrance Exams preparation.
  • A program that will prepare Students extremely well not only for GATE & Other Engineering Entrance Exams but also for exam as well.
  • A study plan that will ease out the pressure of time (or the feeling for the lack of it) for the Student, unlocking lots of extra time, giving enough time for self-studies, which a Student would not have got otherwise and also giving him/her sufficient time for co-curricular activities, self study, sports, social activities etc. which are equally important for his/her personality development.
  • A program that eliminates the negative pressure on the Student. Benefits to the Students
  • Students enrolling in these programs will have an integrated study plan.
  • The studies for both B.Tech as well as GATE will be controlled & executed by Raj Engineering Academy.
  • This would mean that the Student would not be going through two separate schedules & Classes for the same subject.